Want to learn self-defense techniques? One to One Fitness Center considers adding new weekly offering

Are you interested in weekly self defense classes, small group training or personal training? One to One Fitness Center is considering adding a new self defense class to its weekly group exercise schedule, if there is interest. This class would be free for One to One Fitness Center members, and open to guests with regular guest options and packages.

There also will be opportunities for self defense small group training (at a small additional charge) and personal training (at regular personal training rates) to improve skills or to work toward earning belts/ranks in a variety of martial arts disciplines.

This self defense class would focus not on muscular strength, but structural strength—building strength from the inside out. It is designed to improve participants’ situational awareness and safety to confidently navigate their surroundings. The emphasis is on de-escalation and defusing bad situations. Should a situation escalate, instructors will teach participants techniques rooted in Brazilian jiu-jitsu to respond effectively using leverage and structural strength from both standing and ground positions.

Participants can expect to leave class feeling empowered, self-reliant, strong and confident—skills that can permeate into all aspects of life. 

This class is open to all fitness levels and ages.

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