Picture is focused on a man's shoes as he runs

Virtually travel across America in a 12-week exercise challenge beginning Monday

Faculty and staff can participate in Keep America Active, a 12-week exercise challenge, beginning Monday, Feb. 18. During this challenge, participants will virtually travel across America by logging their exercise minutes or steps each day on the Keep America Active app or website.

Faculty and staff can participate individually or as part of a four- to six-person team.

Registration is open now and will close Friday, Feb. 22. That also will be the final day to join or form a team.

“The program was so popular last winter that we knew we had to bring it back for another round,” said Wellness Manager Mary Ann Dobbins.

Last winter, 458 people registered and 74 percent successfully met the goal of intentional exercise at least 30 minutes a day five times a week for the full 12 weeks.

Successfully completing Keep America Active fulfills the Physical Activity Program Incentive for wellness participants.

Participants will begin logging their activity Monday, Feb. 18. The challenge will run through Sunday, May 12.

Participants can learn more about Keep America Active on the wellness website.