Travel virtual trails in new exercise incentive program

Registration opens today for Health Trails, a 12-week exercise incentive program for benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

Individuals or small groups of four to six members are encouraged to participate b logging exercise minutes daily while virtually traveling down one of six hiking trails. Daily or weekly logging is easy on a computer, tablet or phone.

In order to successfully complete Health Trails, participants must record at least 30 minutes of exercise a day for five days per week Feb. 15 through May 8.

In addition, participants can earn extra mileage when, for five days per week, they consume at least five produce servings each day and sleep seven to nine hours a night.

This free program includes prizes. The three teams with the highest average mileage per member will receive a free group lunch on campus.

The three individuals who “travel” the furthest will be offered FitBit Flexes. Those who round out the top 15 will receive a workout bag.

Get more information and register online. Registration closes Feb. 22.