Incoming students: Schedule to retake math diagnostic or take proficiency exam

Incoming students can retake the math diagnostic or take a proficiency exam for MATH 121, 122, 223 or 224 by registering for the appropriate exam via the “Math Diagnostic” item on the New Student Checklist by Aug. 1.

Math diagnostic and proficiency exams will be given during New Student Orientation on Friday, Aug. 22 at 9 a.m. Students are not required to take these exams; they are an option for students who want to verify their math placement or try to earn credit based on completed coursework or independent study in a subject that has not already been awarded through AP, IB, or A-level exams or transfer credit.

Students who are placed into MATH 120 through the online diagnostic should feel comfortable beginning their study of mathematics at CWRU in that course. Those who opt to retake the math diagnostic and then place into calculus (MATH 121 or 125) after will have the opportunity to make changes to their schedule before the start of classes.

Math proficiency exams are recommended for students who have had calculus in high school but did not take the AP or IB examinations, or students who took college-level calculus courses but did not earn transfer credit. Examinations will be given for MATH 121, MATH 122, MATH 223 and MATH 224.

For students passing proficiency exams, credit will be indicated on the transcript by the symbols “PR.” No letter grade is given, and proficiency credit does not count toward GPA. The credit earned will satisfy major/minor/general degree requirements, and hours earned count toward the total required for graduation.

Questions about the proficiency exams should be directed to Chis Butler, director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, at

Proficiency exams in chemistry, physics and computer science will also be offered during New Student Orientation. Students should consult the First-Year Registration Guide for additional information and registration instructions (registration does not take place through the Checklist), and consult the New Student Orientation schedule for exam dates, times and locations.

Students can contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at and 216.358.2928) with questions about course credit, registration and their fall semester schedule.