Photo showing someone giving a lecture with individuals in the audience

Graduate students: Help spread the stories of inspirational figures in the local community

Have you met someone with an interesting story you think should be shared with a wider audience? Do you want to find collaborations with students from other departments? Do you want to learn more about fields other than your own? Graduate students are invited to participate in a new student organization: Local Inspirational Figures Talk (LIFT).

The aim of LIFT is to spread the stories of local inspirational figures and promote interdisciplinary communications and collaborations. The group hopes to create a platform through which people from different backgrounds can learn from each other and form interdisciplinary collaborations and friendships.

Upcoming talks will cover the intersection of art and artificial intelligence, running a nonprofit as a musician, winning a half-marathon at the South Pole, Jewish culture and more.

Want to join the group’s efforts? Sign up through CampusGroups.