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Faculty members nominated for 2021 Diekhoff Awards

Each spring, Diekhoff Awards recognize outstanding graduate mentoring and teaching. Up to four Diekhoff Awards are given annually, two for mentoring and two for teaching. Faculty members who receive these awards must have an appointment in a department awarding degrees through the School of Graduate Studies.

Nominations are made by graduate students, faculty members and student associations. This year, the following faculty members were nominated for awards:

  • Drew Adams, genetics and genome sciences (mentoring)
  • Radhika Atit, biology (mentoring)
  • Timothy Beal, religious studies (mentoring)
  • Erin Benay, art history and art (mentoring)
  • Tracey Bonfield, genetics and genome sciences (mentoring)
  • William Bush, population and quantitative health sciences (mentoring)
  • Daniela Calvetti, mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics (mentoring)
  • Jennifer Carter, materials science and engineering (mentoring)
  • Shu Chen, pathology (mentoring)
  • Michael Clune, English (teaching)
  • Corinne Coen, organizational behavior (teaching)
  • Phil Cola, design and innovation (mentoring and teaching)
  • Andrew Crofton, anatomy (teaching)
  • Colin Drummond, biomedical engineering (teaching)
  • Agata Exner, radiology (mentoring)
  • Donald Feke, chemical engineering (teaching)
  • Timothy Fogarty, accounting (mentoring)
  • Jessica Fox, biology (mentoring)
  • Scott Frank, population and quantitative health sciences (mentoring)
  • Roger French, philosophy (mentoring)
  • Shannon French, philosophy (teaching)
  • Jeffrey Garvin, physiology and biophysics (mentoring and teaching)
  • Daniel Goldmark, music (mentoring)
  • Rosa Hand, nutrition (mentoring and teaching)
  • Nathan Kruse, music education (mentoring)
  • Alan Levine, immunology and microbiology (mentoring)
  • Ignacio Mata, molecular medicine (mentoring)
  • Hossein Miri Lavasani, electrical, computer and systems engineering (mentoring)
  • Wyatt Newman, electrical, computer and systems engineering (teaching)
  • Grant O’Connell, nursing (mentoring)
  • James Overholser, psychological sciences (mentoring)
  • Gary Previts, accountancy (mentoring)
  • Dana Prince, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (mentoring and teaching)
  • Amy Przeworski, psychological sciences (mentoring)
  • Tamara Randall, nutrition (mentoring)
  • Soumya Ray, electrical, computer and systems engineering (mentoring)
  • Jonathan Sadowsky, history (mentoring and teaching)
  • Scott Simpson, applied anatomy (teaching)
  • Erkki Somersalo, mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics (teaching)
  • Derek Taylor, pharmacology (mentoring)
  • Jessica Taylor, physiology (teaching)
  • Joachim Voss, nursing (mentoring)
  • Christopher Wirth, chemical and biomolecular engineering (mentoring)
  • Gary Wnek, macromolecular science and engineering (mentoring)
  • Xusheng Xiao, computer and data sciences (mentoring)
  • Youngjin Yoo, design and innovation (mentoring)
  • Xin Yu, biomedical engineering (mentoring)
  • Lei Zhu, macromolecular science and engineering (mentoring)
  • Christian Zorman, electrical, computer and system engineering (teaching)

Ultimately, Andrew Crofton and Philip Cola received the teaching awards and Daniel Goldmark and Jessica Fox were selected for mentoring awards.

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