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CWRU to close between Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays; review information regarding policies and time entry

In addition to previously scheduled holidays, Case Western Reserve University will be closed Wednesday, Dec. 26, Thursday, Dec. 27, and Friday, Dec. 28. Affected staff still will be paid as though they worked those days.

After closing during last year’s holiday season, President Barbara R. Snyder announced in March the ongoing closing of campus between the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays. The effort is part of a broader employee appreciation program that also includes the summer’s CWRU Take Two program.

Based on the nature of duties and/or unexpected developments, some offices will need to remain open Dec. 26, 27 and 28. Non-exempt employees required to work on the designated days will receive overtime pay for the time they are required to work.

If operational demands require exempt employees be present on campus, the possibility of alternative time off will be determined by their supervisors.

Below are additional guidelines involving the policy:

General Information

Supervisors should arrange for coverage for their offices as necessary, and in a way that does not result in overtime expense.

The time provided for these initiatives is not considered vacation time; therefore, an employee’s vacation time does not decrease. The time also does not accumulate, nor is it paid out when an employee leaves the university.

The time off does not apply to employees who are on approved leave from the university.

Time Reporting

Staff employees working Dec. 26-28 should record their time as follows:

  • Non-exempt: Those employees who report to campus as required will be paid at one-and-one-half times their hourly rates for any hours actually worked.
    • To receive this additional compensation, non-exempt essential employees reporting to campus must take the following steps in PeopleSoft HCM:
      • Time reporting control (TRC) code: Change the entry from “REG” to “EMGWK” for the employee’s normally scheduled work hours.
      • Additional Row: After completing the above task, add an additional row and enter “OPTEM” as the next TRC code, then enter the number of hours actually worked on campus.
  • Exempt: Those employees who report to campus as required will receive regular pay for the hours worked. They should change the TRC code entry from “REG” to “EMGWK” for the normally scheduled work hours.

Employees not working during these days don’t need to adjust their timesheets. The TRC code entries should read as:

  • “HOL” for Dec. 24-25 and 31, and Jan. 1; and
  • “REG” for Dec. 26-28.

University offices also are closed Monday, Dec. 24, and Tuesday, Dec. 25, for Christmas, and Monday, Dec. 31, and Tuesday, Jan. 1, for New Year’s.