Photo taken from ground-level down a snow-covered path leading to Adelbert Hall as students walk by

University offices to close early Dec. 21

President Eric W. Kaler announced today that university offices will close at 3 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 21, in recognition of the upcoming winter break.

While university policy does not allow for an early departure day in December unless Christmas Eve falls on a weekday, President Kaler has opted to make an exception this year. 

“I am grateful for all that our staff does for the university,” President Kaler said. “I hope that everyone enjoys winter break.”

As in past years, some caveats apply:

  • All administrative offices must maintain coverage until 3 p.m. Thursday.
  • Any employee wishing to leave before 3 p.m. must use vacation time in whole-day or half-day increments.
  • Non-exempt employees who are unable to leave early because of the nature of their responsibilities may take off two alternate hours during the week of Dec 18—or, if their supervisor prefers, receive two hours of overtime pay.
  • Employees who call off sick or have taken a vacation day Dec. 21 still must take a full sick or vacation day.