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Apply for annual Department of English prize competition

The Department of English is offering more than $1,500 in awards through its annual prize competition. The deadline to apply for these awards is Friday, March 18, at 4 p.m.

Students may receive no more than $100 in prize money without reduction of financial aid, subject to federal and state regulations.

The following awards will be offered:

  • The Karl Lemmerman Prize: Best essay written by a first-year student
  • The Holden Prize: Best essay written by a sophomore, junior or senior student
  • The Finley Foster and Emily Hills Prizes: Best poem or group (three) of poems by an undergraduate student
  • The Helen B. Sharnoff Prize: Best formal poem or group (three) of formal poems by an undergraduate student; (Formal poems are those written in pre-determined forms: e.g., abecedarian, cinquain, ghazal, pantoum, sestina, sonnet, terza rima, villanelle, etc.)
  • The Edith Garber Krotinger Prize: Best creative writing other than poetry by an undergraduate student
  • The Eleanor Leuser Award: Outstanding writing for or about children by an undergraduate student enrolled in a creative writing course at the university
  • The Emily M. Hills Award: Best poem or essay written by an undergraduate woman at the College of Arts and Sciences
  • The Timothy Calhoun Memorial Prize for Poetry: Best poem or group of poems (three) by a graduate student in the Department of English

To submit an entry, send an email with a Word attachment to sxd290@case.edu. Your name should not appear on the contest entry. In the body of the email, mention what award your entry is for and include your name, student ID number and local phone number. Submissions cannot be duplicated from one prize to another.