Students receive prizes for public speaking

The Guthrie Public Speaking Prize is awarded each spring for excellence in public speaking by undergraduates at Case Western Reserve University. The 2024 awards went to the following winners, for their exceptional speeches:

  • First place ($500): Ussaid Ishaq for “What Does It Mean to Be an Immigrant?”
  • Second place ($300):
    • Lauren Eterno for “Garbage In, Garbage Out, and Garbage In Between: The Dangers of Bad Data and Algorithms”
    • Malachi Levy for “Ignorance and Wisdom: Lessons to Be Learned from Hip-Hop”
  • Third place ($200):
    • Bhavya Bansal for “Straws: An Interdisciplinary Approach”
    • Nivedita Srinivasan for “Is There a Difference between Reel and Real Anymore?”

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