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4 healthy recipes to consider cooking this winter

With winter drawing nearer, it’s important to incorporate high-nutrient foods in your diet to help your immune system fight off common seasonal viruses. And at Case Western Reserve University, there are plenty of opportunities to learn evidence-based and enjoyable approaches to healthy eating. 

From the faculty and staff wellness program—which offers educational series on topics such as sugar intake, plant-based eating, and functional nutrition—to courses in the Department of Nutrition, you need not look far for advice. The Daily spoke with Lindsay Malone, an adjunct instructor for the Department of Nutrition, for hearty (and affordable) winter recipe ideas that incorporate brightly colored fruits and vegetables, soups, stir fries and more as part of a balanced, vitamin-filled diet.  

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, read on to discover four easy recipes Malone suggests making as temperatures drop. 

1. Sweet potato cakes with dill yogurt sauce

Looking to make a quick, healthy snack or side dish? This easy twist on sweet potatoes combines comfort food with minimal ingredients (including sweet potatoes, eggs and spices) available year-round to provide a great source of beta carotene, which helps support vision, eye health, and healthy skin and mucous membranes. 

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2. Egg roll in a bowl

Enjoy the flavors of a traditional, take-out egg roll without the unhealthy oils with this cost-effective, vegan-friendly recipe. This 20-minute recipe includes shredded cabbage, carrots, and onions tossed in a bowl with a touch of toasted sesame oil. To save time and reduce waste, you can purchase a bag of coleslaw mix (typically shredded green and red cabbage and carrots) from your local grocery store to use as the base. 

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3. Easy vegetable soup

Warm up from the bitter cold with this rich and flavorful soup packed with antioxidants and nutrients that aids in weight loss and digestion. Filled with vegetables, this dish takes approximately 30 minutes to finish and can serve six to eight people.

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4. Healthy apple crisp

Experience the flavors of a traditional apple crisp—tart, sweet and crunchy—with this gluten-free treat made of whole apples, oats, lemon juice and pure maple syrup (or honey). You can also bump up the nutritional value of this recipe with almond flour or crushed nuts or top it with a low-sugar vanilla yogurt like 2Good or Oikos Zero. 

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