CWRU's Cynthia Hale holds a Fitbit

Winners of the Wellness Program’s Health Trails exercise competition announced

Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff logged exercise minutes for the final time May 8 in HealthTrails, a 12-week exercise incentive competition.

Sponsored by the Wellness Program, HealthTrails participants were asked to exercise 30 minutes a day, five times a week and to count their fruit and vegetable intake and average nightly sleep total. Within this program, the exercise minutes and produce servings were converted to “virtual miles” on scenic trails across the globe.

Cynthia Hale

The top three participants—Cynthia Hale, Betsy Short and Wayne Hawthorne—each earned FitBit Flexes. The next 12 finishers each earned a CWRU-branded workout bag.

In total, the 252 participants logged 732,634 minutes of exercise over 12 weeks, an average of 34.5 minutes every day.

There was an opportunity to complete the program individually or on a team.

The top three teams earned a free campus group lunch. Three members of the first place team, The CASEfits, were also in the top 15: David Pratt (sixth overall), Deepak Sarma (seventh overall) and Bess Weiss (12th overall). 

Team Linsalata Wins a Lota and Team WEE Sweat Together rounded out the top three. WEE Sweat Together’s Denise Douglas was also a top finisher, placing fifth. 

Participants cited motivation to move more and the competition across campus as parts of the program they enjoyed the most.

CWRU faculty and staff can look forward to more incentive programs in the near future. All faculty and staff are encouraged to keep up with the Wellness Program by visiting the Wellness website, following the Wellness Program on Facebook or by signing up for the monthly Wellness newsletter.