What do you say? Coming back to school makes you feel…

Coming to campus—whether it’s your first or your fourth fall at Case Western Reserve—can be filled with a mix of emotions: excitement over seeing old friends or making new ones, nervousness about starting new classes or sadness from leaving your loved ones at home.

And that mixed bag is about what this week’s poll results show. The answers were split pretty evenly among those who were thrilled about returning (or about having students return) to campus, those who were bummed to see summer end, and those who were feeling a mix of all emotions.

For those of you who were less then thrilled to return, we’re certain those feelings will change—and quickly. From your challenging but engaging classes beginning Monday to the extracurricular events constantly taking place (starting Wednesday with convocation), there’s plenty to do, see and enjoy on and around campus. (Need some tips? Check out case.edu/visit for dining options and our top 10 things to see in Cleveland.)

Returning students or employees: Have any tips for those new to CWRU? Tell us your favorite things to do on campus or around Cleveland in the comments.