Photo of students working on their laptops at a table in Tinkham Veale University Center

New to CWRU: A smarter way to study

Stepping onto campus for the first time as a Case Western Reserve University student is exciting as you consider your future, what knowledge you will gain here and who you will form friendships with along the way.

But there are plenty of uncertainties, too. Even the most basic everyday activities—such as grabbing a bite to eat or doing your laundry—will look different from your life at home. To help you find your footing, The Daily teamed up with this year’s orientation leaders to hear their advice on what new Spartans should know. Each day this week, we’ll share some of their tips to help you feel more prepared as classes start next week.

Today’s advice focuses on tutoring and helpful study tips. 

 Advice responses have been edited for clarity and length.

Molly Curley

  • Major(s): Cognitive science, pre-medicine
  • Year: Second year
  • Molly’s advice: “This is one of the only times you’ll have access to free tutoring. So, utilizing peer tutors is a good resource for you, and [you should] take advantage!”

Jacob Osborne

  • Major(s): Cognitive science, communication sciences
  • Year: Fourth year
  • Jacob’s advice: “[Kelvin Smith Library] is now open again for 24 hours. It’s a good spot to study, and I stay there overnight a lot of the time, so it’s really fun.” 

Megha Dalal

  • Major: Biology
  • Year: Fourth year
  • Megha’s advice: “Create group chats and communal study guides with people in your class. They’re helpful for asking questions, if you’re missing class to get notes and getting to know people, especially in your first year. Also, when you’re studying for finals, it’s great to have a communal study guide when you have everybody put their questions, and everybody can answer.” 

Jordan Clark

  • Major(s): Biology and environmental science
  • Year: Fourth year
  • Jordan’s advice: “Take advantage of resources like [supplemental instruction] leaders and peer tutors because they’re there for you to succeed in your classes.” 

Maddie Wolfe

  • Major(s): Nutritional biochemistry and metabolism, statistics
  • Year: Second year
  • Maddie’s advice: “Make sure you give yourself breaks in between studying and doing homework. A great way to do that is to join clubs you like and spend time with lots of friends.” 

Sarada Rajamanickam 

  • Major: Biochemistry
  • Year: Second year
  • Sarada’s advice: “If you’re a distracted studier, study in groups and small chunks, so you don’t get overwhelmed and go on your phone.” 

Nandana Ahuja

  • Major(s): Anthropology, history and philosophy of science, pre-medicine
  • Year: Second year
  • Nandana’s advice: “Study on the reward system. If you have a lot of tasks, set out a couple, and at the end, reward yourself—whether that be taking a break, watching an episode of a TV show, or even the satisfaction of checking off a box on the to-do list.”

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