Waive Student Medical Plan for fall by Sept. 5

All registered students must have medical insurance comparable to the Case Western Reserve University Student Medical Plan.

Insurance coverage must meet the following criteria to be deemed comparable:

  • Cover conditions in Northeast Ohio or where enrolled in Case Western Reserve classes.
  • Coverage must include more than emergency only services.
  • Offers unlimited medical benefits.
  • Does not contain any clause that limits coverage on pre-existing conditions.
  • Mental health and substance abuse must be covered as any other illness or injury. This includes both in- and out-patient treatment.
  • International students must meet U.S. State Department requirements for repatriation and medical evacuation coverage.

The Student Medical Plan waiver deadline for fall 2014 is Sept. 5. Case Western Reserve students can waive the Medical Plan fee on the Student Information System (SIS) online at case.edu/sis.