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Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship seeking applicants for fellowship program

The Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship aims to be a catalyst at CWRU for venture creation and commercialization, entrepreneurial learning and programming, and communication.

The Veale Institute seeks to support new initiatives geared toward developing engagement in entrepreneurship on campus or the distinctive expansion of existing successful initiatives that need resources to grow. We seek to engage faculty and staff in the following manner:

Summary of the Veale Entrepreneurship Fellows Program

The Veale Entrepreneurship Fellows Program is an annual program designed to provide support for faculty, staff, or teams to create new initiatives. These can include specific types of engagement efforts, research proposals, and/or formal (course) or informal (workshop, speaker series, etc.) educational activities that advance the Veale Institute’s mission of fostering venture creation/commercialization, entrepreneurial learning and programming, and communication.

For faculty and staff who are currently active with entrepreneurship classes, initiatives, programs, or research, we ask that you propose how additional Veale Institute support could further accelerate/catalyze your efforts.


  • Applications are due March 25
  • Accepted fellows are notified April 15
  • Fellowship begins July 1

While each fellowship will have different start and end dates based on the proposal, you are considered a Veale Fellow for the entire fiscal year served.


Financial support is available to implement your project through a variety of mechanisms up to $12,000. Please detail in the budget section what your intended use of funds are.


  • Applicants must have the permission of their supervisor or department head to participate
  • Applicants must have a Conflict of Management plan on file
  • Applicants will be required to sign a Notice of Internal Funding Agreement outlining the project details, budget, milestones, and deliverables
  • Applicants will provide a presentation of final results at the end of the project period and a final report in writing

Examples of Veale Fellowship proposals

Example 1: A history professor proposes the creation of a History of Entrepreneurship Course and funds will help cover time needed to develop the course.

Example 2: A biomedical engineering professor proposes the creation of a faculty seminar series on Entrepreneurship in BME and the funds help support the time, development, marketing, and hosting of the series.

Example 3: A staff member proposes 10% of time be used to focus on engaging the CWRU community in art entrepreneurship by organizing speakers and developing educational materials.

Apply to the Veale Entrepreneurship Fellows Program.