Photo of a female scientist looking at something with a microscope

Undergraduate students: Share pictures from your summer internships, co-ops and more

The Office of Undergraduate Admission is always looking for new ways to share students’ experiences in and out of the classroom to show prospective students a look at life at CWRU—and the office is looking for your help.

It’s easy—please take two minutes to share a bit about what career-related experiences you’re up to this summer (internships, research, co-ops, etc.) and send an “in-action” photo of you that captures what you’re doing. Your picture can wind up being used in upcoming emails, social media posts, print pieces and more.

Share your photo.

For example, consider sharing photos of you:

  • Working in a lab on your research (remember any necessary safety gear);
  • Dressed for success outside of your workplace, with the name of the company/organization you are working for clearly visible; or
  • “Out in the field”—wherever that may be.

Tips and tricks to consider:

  • It can be a cell phone shot, but it might help to have a friend or co-worker take it. (Selfie-style can definitely work, though, if you’re in a bind).
  • No filters, please. Just your normal, awesome self.
  • Upload straight from your phone, not pulled from Instagram or a website. It loses resolution if you do it that way.
  • No one else in the photo, please. We just want to show you … unless you’re working with someone famous or someone else from CWRU (such as a fellow classmate or alumnus—make sure you have their permission, please).
  • Speaking of permission, if you might be doing something that would require your supervisor/company to approve of you sharing a picture of you at work, please do get their permission first.

Questions? Email Melissa Persensky at