Trivia result: Three Nobel Prize winners have residence halls named after them; find out who

Fifteen Case Western Reserve University alumni and former faculty members have earned the illustrious Nobel Prize over the years.

  • Albert Michelson (1907)
  • John J.R. Macleod (1923)
  • Frederick C. Robbins (1954)
  • Polycarp Kusch (1955)
  • Donald A. Glaser (1960)
  • Earl W. Sutherland Jr. (1971)
  • Paul Berg (1980)
  • George H. Hitchings (1988)
  • Alfred G. Gilman (1994)
  • George A. Olah (1994)
  • Frederick Reines (1995)
  • Ferid Murad (1998)
  • Peter Agre (2003)
  • Paul C. Lauterbur (2003)
  • Edward C. Prescott (2004)

So important were many of their contributions to this campus that many of our students actually live in residence halls that bear their names: Glaser, Kusch and Michelson houses. (Only eight people got the three names—and these three names only—correct.)

Students, get inspired by these esteemed individuals whose “houses” you live in. We can’t wait to see what your futures have in store.

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