Travel to Portugal with the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program and The Alumni Association 

The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program and The Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University offer international and national travel opportunities led by faculty experts with deep knowledge and passion for the destination.

Sharona Hoffman, professor of law and bioethics and the Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Jurisprudence, will lead the upcoming “Landscapes of Portugal” trip April 11–20.

Portugal, a tiny country between Spain and the sea, is known for its traditional agriculture, fishing communities, cosmopolitan, bustling cities, and jet-setting coastal resorts, offering a variety of experiences of the senses.

Travelers will spend:

  • An evening listening to the beautiful husky music of “fado” while sipping port;
  • A day exploring Portugal’s most spectacular religious sanctuary, “Bom Jesus do Monte,” with its 18th-century giant baroque stairway; and 
  • A night at Pousada Serra da Estrela where a log fire and views of snow-capped mountains. 

This trip will take participants to Lisbon, Oporto, Oliveira and Evora, showcasing architectural, historical and cultural treasures in ancient Portugal.

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