Orange construction barrels lined up on a roadway

Traffic advisory: Temporary road closures on campus (dates updated)

As noted in The Daily March 8, due to an underground utility project in the area, vehicle and pedestrian traffic on sections of West Murray Hill Road, Adelbert Road and Circle Drive will be temporarily impacted at various times between now and August. The original dates mentioned in The Daily have since shifted, and Case Western Reserve’s Office of Planning, Design and Construction wanted to make the community aware.

Maps showing the affected areas and detours are posted online and linked below. Signage for detours will be posted in all affected areas.

West Murray Hill Road

The western sidewalk on West Murray Hill Road/Adelbert Road (across from the Art Studio) is closed until June 29. Pedestrian traffic has been rerouted to the eastern sidewalk as well as around Lot 44.

Map of Adelbert Road and Murray Hill Road with the western sidewalk closed on Murray Hill and detour listed around Murray Hill and Lot 44

Adelbert Road Bridge

The Adelbert Road Bridge—between Murray Hill Road and Circle Drive—will be closed to vehicular traffic April 17–May 19. Vehicles will be rerouted to Cornell Road; pedestrians will be slightly redirected along West Murray Hill Road/Adelbert Road (through Lot 44).

Map of Adelbert Road, Murray Hill Road and Circle Drive with a detour going from Murray Hill to Cornell to Circle

Circle Drive

A portion of Circle Drive near Adelbert Road will be closed June 7–Aug. 2. Traffic will be rerouted around Adelbert/Murray Hill Roads to Cornell Road.

Map of detour on Adelbert Road, Murray Hill Road and Cornell Road with a road closure on Circle Drive

The Office of Planning, Design and Construction thanks the campus community for their understanding and patience during this time, especially during commencement and student move-out.