Editor’s Note: As of June 30, 2019, Case Western Reserve uses Rave Guardian. CWRU Shield is no longer active and should be deleted from all mobile devices. Download Rave Guardian on the App Store and Google Play.

With milder weather arriving in Northeast Ohio and people spending more time outdoors, The Daily is reminding the campus community of ways to increase personal safety.

One of the most important is to maintain ongoing awareness of the surrounding area, which means removing headphones and looking up from mobile devices.

Other recommendations include walking with others after dark, contacting Safe Ride (216.368.3000 or saferide.case.edu) or requesting a walking escort from the university’s Division of Public Safety.

Safety while using rideshare services

Sadly, this spring’s reminder also must include guidance for those who use rideshare services such as those offered by Uber and Lyft. Late last month, police found a University of South Carolina student who had been murdered after mistakenly entering a vehicle that she thought was the Uber ride she had called. The tragedy has led to multiple news articles about others who endured serious crimes using such services.

Below are a few recommended steps to follow when traveling via rideshare:

Before the ride arrives:

  • Select a well-lit location for pick-up;
  • Share details of your ride with a friend via the service’s app; and
  • Remain indoors until your mobile device indicates the driver has arrived.

Before getting into the vehicle:

  • Check the vehicle to ensure it matches the description provided when you scheduled the ride;
  • Ask for the driver’s name to see if it matches the name of the person the service indicated would be driving you; and
  • Check for child locks on the rear door.

During the ride:

  • Refrain from disclosing personal information;
  • Follow the route of your ride relative to your destination; and
  • Pay through the app so you can avoid opening your wallet.

As always, if you are concerned for your safety—whether while in rideshare or any other time—call university police at 216.368.3333.

CWRU Shield App

In addition, the university offers the CWRU Shield app. Through CWRU Shield, individuals can quickly report an emergency to CWRU dispatch if on campus or 911 if off campus. To learn more about CWRU Shield—including how to download the app—please visit case.edu/publicsafety/safety-on-campus/cwru-shield-app.

Increasing Safety on Campus

Please be aware of your surroundings as you move around campus. That means, for example, removing at least one of your earbuds while walking or jogging, and noticing people approaching you. Also, consider limiting how much you talk or text on your cellphone while walking or riding public transportation.

If you do not have your phone with you, look for one of the 300 blue box phones and 40 blue light phones, which allow you to press a button and reach dispatchers to report an emergency.

For additional education and training, consider signing up for the university’s self-defense courses or active-shooter response classes.

Finally, you also can join the Community Watch Volunteer program to help raise awareness of issues occurring on campus.

Counseling and Health Services

Counseling Services has walk in appointments weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. A limited number of appointments are available through online booking at MyHealthConnect.case.edu.

Health Service appointments can be made online at MyHealthConnect.case.edu or by calling the number below.

IMPACT Solutions is available to faculty and staff for confidential counseling at no cost. Learn more at case.edu/hr/worklife/perks-extras/employee-assistance-program.