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This week’s Case for Wellness podcast focuses on Black student experience

Over the summer, countless protestors in the United States stepped out onto the streets to protest against the unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and many more as the latest effort to fight racial injustice and police brutality against the Black community dating back centuries in our country’s history. We also learned the importance of uniting together to listen, learn and act on the movement for change.

To highlight and emphasize Black student and faculty voices, this week’s Case for Wellness podcast will be held entirely by members of Case Western Reserve’s Black community. Guest-hosted by Aliah Lawson from the Racial Justice Subcommittee of the For a Better CWRU Taskforce, this episode will feature:

  • Laila Michel from the Black Student Union;
  • Corey King from the National Society of Black Engineers; and
  • Anita Howard, adjunct professor of organizational behavior and an executive coach.

The Case for Wellness podcast will cover the guests’ Black student experiences at CWRU, reflections on CWRU’s efforts to enhance Black student life, and future steps needed to ensure a thriving campus culture that improves the health and wellness of Black students. Interactions with peers, the racial demography of CWRU, and police presence on campus all will be discussed in this one-hour podcast.

Reminders and announcements will be presented shortly by the CWRU Health and Wellness Council members in the beginning. Visit to tune in to the latest episode.