Piggy bank with barbell
Piggy bank with barbell isolated on blue background. 3d illustration

This Summer, Improve Financial Fitness

Take time this summer to learn more about financial matters like cybersecurity, responsible investing, health savings accounts and more with the Fiscally Fit series from the faculty and staff Wellness Program.

Starting on Tuesday, June 1, this series of 8 webinars from retirement partners TIAA and Vanguard will help those at all stages in their careers make smart choices for now and the future.

The program will take place weekly on six Tuesdays and two Wednesdays at Noon. See the class by class dates and topics as well as the link to register on the Wellness Website. In addition to learning to be more money smart, Wellness Participants will have the opportunity to earn the $100 Financial Well-being Program Incentive at the end of the year.