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TEDxCWRU: Stories Untold

Stories Untold, TEDxCWRU’s third event, will feature 11 speakers, many from Case Western Reserve University, sharing experiences from their differing lives. The event will take place Saturday, Nov. 10, from noon to 4 p.m. in Thwing Center ballroom.

Tickets for the event are now available at the TEDxCWRU website. Tickets are $10 for students and faculty and $20 for general admission.

About the speakers

Vineet Erasala

As a former CWRU student and current COO of Genetesis, Vineet Erasala will be dismantling the idea that the only path to success is college. Erasala found his calling by starting a biomedical supply company without graduating from college. His talk is centered on being OK with taking the road less traveled.

Mohammad Saim

Mohammad Saim, global director of procurement for Philips Healthcare, will share his insight on the untold stories of leadership. What does it mean to be a leader? What challenges do many leaders face? How can one face those challenges? From his extensive personal experience, he plans to answer those questions to prepare today’s youth for whatever their future may hold.

Xyla Foxlin

CWRU student and founder and CEO of Parihug Xyla Foxlin will discuss the untold story of entrepreneurs. Her powerful story highlights the stereotypes of being a figure in business, and illustrates how she, as well as many others, have feelings and express emotions that the general public doesn’t get to witness.  

Dominic King

Dominic King, a Cleveland Clinic physician, will tell the untold story of physician suicide, highlighting the dehumanizing nature of medical school and the college pre-medical life. Through his talk, he hopes to inspire change in the medical community.

Nichola Bomani

CWRU undergraduate student Nichola Bomani will talk about the culture of saying “How are you?” Her story will dive deep into the perils of using such a colloquialism and shed light on what society can do to modify it.

Gautham Chitturu

Gautham Chitturu, a CWRU undergraduate student, will share the story that led him to change the pronunciation of his name. Having dealt with cultural conflict between groups of friends and family, this turning point in his life fostered a new sense of self and in turn gave him the pride to share the story of what his name now means to him.

Riley Tedrow

Biology PhD candidate Riley Tedrow will discuss the feeling of being an outsider in a community that failed to accept him for who he was while working with a rural tribe in Madagascar. His extensive research in malaria and his passion to spread awareness of the disease will be highlighted during his talk.

Gloria Tavera

CWRU MD/PhD student Gloria Tavera aims to spread awareness of the monopolizing market on pharmaceutical companies. By sharing her research and passion for the matter, she will offer solutions to make these kinds of drugs accessible and affordable for the patients that need them.

Aviva Vincent

Aviva Vincent, a doctoral candidate at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Sciences, will share how horseback riding saved her life, while highlighting the importance that animal therapy can have on well being.

Erin Lea

Erin Lea, a faculty member in the Department of Psychological Sciences, will discuss the important role that shame plays in life. She aims to dissect the reasons that shame is so prevalent and share how to turn that dreaded feeling into a positive thing that empowers and allows growth.

Steven Morris

Consultant Steven Morris will illustrate the meaning of beauty in the world of business, answering questions like: How can a business be beautiful? What defines beauty in a business? How can these principles be applied to our day-to-day lives?

By tickets now on the TEDxCWRU website