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Night Market: Fengjia

The Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) will host its sixth annual Night Market Friday, Nov. 3, from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Thwing Center Atrium. It will be an evening of food and various activities.

Taiwan is famous for its vibrant night markets, which are traditionally located at the entrances of temples and extend into nearby streets and alleyways. With Night Market: Fengjia, TASA aims to emulate the traditional night market environment of Taiwan. Get more information about Taiwanese night markets.

The event is open to all and entry is free, but attendees must purchase tickets for food and activities. These tickets also will be entered in a raffle.

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Ticket information

Pre-sale tickets will provide access to the express ticket line on event day and faster access to food and games. They will be sold in Tinkham Veale University Center Nov. 1 and 2 at a price of $2 for five tickets or $5 for 14 tickets.

TASA also is offering group discounts for people and organizations that wish to purchase in bulk. They cost $35 for 100 tickets or $50 for 150 tickets.

At the door, tickets will be sold for $0.50 each or at presale pricing. Large group discounts will not be available at the door.

Additionally, TASA gave out discount coupons at Thwing Tuesday Oct. 10, which can be redeemed for $2 worth of food.

Event menu

Menu is subject to change.

  • 牛肉麵 Beef noodle soup: eight tickets per bowl
  • 滷肉飯 Minced pork rice: eight tickets per bowl
  • 炒麵 Fried noodles: eight tickets per bowl
  • 煎餃 Potstickers: two tickets for one, seven tickets for five
  • 蔥油餅 Scallion pancakes: five tickets for two quarter pieces
  • 鹽酥雞 Popcorn chicken: six tickets for a scoop
  • 台灣香腸 Taiwanese sausages: three tickets for one
  • 滷蛋 Braised eggs: two tickets for one
  • 珍珠奶茶 Pearl milk tea: five tickets per cup
  • 珍珠綠茶 Boba green tea: five tickets per cup
  • 蘋果西打 Apple sidra: two tickets per can
  • 冬瓜茶 Wintermelon tea: two tickets per can
  • 養樂多 Yakult: two tickets for one, three tickets for two
  • 刨冰 Shaved ice: five tickets for up to three toppings, one ticket per extra topping
  • 炸芝麻球 Fried sesame ball: three tickets for one, five tickets for two
  • 麻糬冰淇淋 Mochi ice cream: four tickets for one

Games and activities

  • Ring toss (套圈圈)
  • Bean bag shooting (丟沙包)
  • Chopstick skill
  • Taiwan pinning trivia
  • Polaroid photobooth
  • DIY pinwheels
  • Calligraphy corner
  • Tattoo stickers
  • University Program Board booth
  • Raffle/giveaways

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are needed for the presales throughout the week as well as the event itself. Presale volunteers will receive two free tickets per shift; event volunteers will receive five. Also, members of families earn one point per shift.

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