Photo of stressed businessman with hand on face at desk with laptop

Stress management and mindfulness videos

With the transition to remote study and working and stay-at-home orders that have limited social contact, the COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for many. Several resources are available to help members of the Case Western Reserve University community cope with the added stress.

The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Wellness and Preventive Care Pathway developed three short videos to help the community cope with the mental health impacts of COVID-19. These videos provide evidence-based tips for coping with stress and anxiety, as well as what to do when others are stressed and anxious. Access the stress management videos.

Additionally, Anaya Farrell, a lecturer in the Department of Theater, created a 10-minute mindfulness exercise members of the community can try. Farrell is also a licensed independent marriage and family therapist and an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy clinical fellow with an extensive background in narrative therapy and mindfulness.

“This will address overwhelming and free-floating anxiety that may be arising,” Farrell said of the video. “Believe me, it is arising for many during this time, so invite yourself to remember this: You are not alone, even though it may feel this way. With the practice of mindfulness, we get a chance to slow down and become aware of our process. This can provide a sense of stabilization and containment for what we are experiencing, even within the sure knowledge that our experience and process is transient and ever-evolving.”

Watch her mindfulness video.