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Stay safe on campus: Download the university’s new, free safety app, Rave Guardian

Transition from CWRU Shield will provide users enhanced functionality, ease of use

Case Western Reserve has launched a new mobile safety app, Rave Guardian. The award-winning app—created by Rave Mobile Safety, which the university already uses to send emergency alerts—replaces CWRU Shield and provides enhanced functionality to help keep the campus community safe.

Photo of the Rave Guardian app icon
The Rave Guardian app icon

CWRU Shield will no longer be in service after June 30. Please remove the app from your phone and download Rave Guardian.

App Features

Rave Guardian, available for free download today on the App Store and Google Play, offers a number of safety tools.

Easy Emergency Communication

A two-button call from inside the app allows campus safety officials to see the user’s Rave Guardian profile information and current location, so they can respond quickly and efficiently.

Guardians and Safety Timers

An individual can add friends, family or public safety officials as “Guardians.” Then, the user sets a safety timer to begin an activity—say, a walk home from class or to a friend’s residence hall. The app sends a text message to selected “Guardians,” who can track their progress on a GPS map in real time. Plus, if the user does not make it to their destination or deactivate the safety timer, “Guardians” and/or campus safety officials will be alerted.

Anonymous Tip Reporting and Real-Time Chat

The app allows users to discreetly—and anonymously, if desired—text suspicious activity to campus safety officials, using photos or video. Then, users can have back-and-forth chat interactions with the CWRU dispatch team. This way, dispatchers and police get the information they need, and users can be sure the issue is being addressed. Tips and chats can then be routed to appropriate departments to make sure the issue gets the attention it needs.

Push Notifications

Rave Guardian offers a seamless notification process in the event of an emergency. In extreme circumstances, phone lines may prevent some messages from going through quickly. Rave Guardian’s push notifications allow users to get the message instantaneously, even if they don’t have cellular service, such as in the basement of a building. (Wi-Fi access would be necessary.) Plus, individuals can share their location with the app to receive geo-targeted alerts.

Quick Access to Critical Resources

Beyond contacting campus police with the touch of a button, users also can access important phone numbers and websites for safety, mental health and wellness resources, requesting Safe Rides, tracking shuttles and more—on campus and beyond.

Download Details

To access Rave Guardian:

  • Visit the App Store or Google Play and search “Rave Guardian.”
  • After downloading, enter your CWRU email address (using and mobile phone number.
  • Fill in your profile information—as much or as little as you desire; only fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Please note: All information will remain confidential. Police or first responders will only access your information if you request assistance. A more detailed profile will help safety responders when providing service, but is not required.

“Rave Guardian is just one more way we are working to keep our campus safe,” said Assistant Director of Emergency Management Megan Koeth. “Along with expanded Safe Ride hours, 24/7 walking escorts, self-defense and active-shooter response classes, and our Rave notification system, this new app adds to the resources available to the campus community to ensure their safety.”

To learn more about Rave Guardian, visit or call the non-emergency number at 216.368.3300.

CWRU Shield will no longer be in service after June 30. Please remove the app from your phone and download Rave Guardian on the App Store or Google Play.