Spring packed full of events; campus community looks forward to Springfest

April 23 will be a busy day at Case Western Reserve University, with Hudson Relays in the morning and Springfest in the afternoon.

With those—and many other big events—just around the corner, we wanted to know what the CWRU community was looking forward to most. As it turns out, April 23 is a much-anticipated day.

Springfest was the clear winner with 41.4 percent of respondents saying they’re looking forward to it more than any of the other big events we asked about. Coming in at second, Hudson Relays got 24.1 percent of the votes.

Our other three options were pretty evenly distributed, with Relay for Life racking up 13.8 percent of responses, and commencement and Research ShowCASE each coming in at 10.3 percent.