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Siegal Lifelong Learning Program offers series featuring renowned classical archaeologists

The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program will offer a new Classical Archaeology Series Tuesdays from July 7 to Aug. 18 at 1:30 p.m. EST.

This lecture series will feature renowned classical archaeologists from around the world discussing their current field projects in Greece and Italy. Taking advantage of remote learning, each week of this lecture series will feature a different scholar sharing their ground-breaking research, spanning the Greek Bronze Age, Athenian vase painting, the famous sanctuary at Samothrace, recent research at Pompeii, and the Column of Trajan in Rome.

The series schedule will be:

  • July 7—“Death and Life at the Palace of Nestor: Late Bronze Age Tombs and Their Life Tales”
  • July 14—“Craft Production and Culture Change in the Bronze Age Cyclades, Greece”
  • July 21—“The Mysteries of Samothrace: American Excavations in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods”
  • July 28—“Lykos Kalos: Beyond Youthful Beauty in Athenian Vase Painting”
  • Aug. 4—“Another Man’s Treasure? The Life and Afterlife of Pompeii’s Waste”
  • Aug. 11—“When Humans Become Artifacts: Inventing and Displaying Body Casts at Pompeii”
  • Aug. 18—“Building Trajan’s Column”

Participants can register for the full series or individual lectures. The cost for individual lectures is $10 for members of the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program and $12 for nonmembers. The full series costs $60 for members and $70 for nonmembers.

Get more information and sign up.