Siegal Lifelong Learning now has multiple remote courses

Connect, learn and enrich your time at home with courses and lectures now offered in a remote learning format. Whether you enjoy origins science, history, contemporary topics, Jewish studies, or revisiting classics, CWRU-Siegal Lifelong Learning has an option for you.

The CWRU-Siegal Lifelong Learning Program is now able to connect the academic world to a broader international community through innovative and engaging virtual programming. Adults of all ages can pursue their love of learning by participating in courses and lectures with renowned scholars and experts who share their cutting-edge research and current topics of interest. Registration is now open.

Interested in a deeper dive into a subject by taking a course with multiple sessions? See a list of remote courses on literature, politics and more.

Looking for a single session on a topic? View the list of remote lectures.

For more information, contact Siegal Lifelong Learning at 216.368.2090 or