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Shuttle service updates go live

SP+ (Standard Parking) has implemented a number of updates recently to enhance service.

Shuttle dispatchers have been added from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer calls and texts about shuttle service. Reach a dispatcher at 216.3686604. Dispatchers can instantly radio shuttles for more information.

SP+ also installed new passenger counters on every bus so that realtime capacity information is available on the app. Additionally, SP+ instituted shuttle “mystery shop” riders. The scores for last month were: 87.5% for HEC, 84.6% for UCRC, 87.0% for hospital routes, 91.7% for night, and 87.5% for Circlelink routes.

Riders also can use JabFab to weigh in on service. Each shuttle has a QR code that can be scanned. From there, JabFab asks three questions to generate data. Since being added, the scores have been 89% positive (fabs) and 11% negative (jabs).

Case Western Reserve University also has purchased three additional shuttles to enable smoother transitions in and out of breaks.

Working with the Undergraduate Student Government, SP+ has transitioned the evening Greenlink to a new route, the NightLink; this was requested and designed by USG to streamline and tailor shuttle service at night to the exact needs of students.

To get updates on shuttles, members of the community can download CWRU Spartan Ride, which combines SafeRide and fixed route shuttle accessibility on a single application.

Riders should note that masks are still required on the shuttles; those who plan to board should make sure to have a mask with them.

SP+ also has instituted a zero-tolerance, automatic termination cell phone policy for drivers.

View the live shuttle tracker.