Review the residence hall to-do list before leaving for break

Before leaving for winter break, students are asked to check their rooms to be sure:

  • All windows are closed, securely locked and blinds are closed;
  • Nothing is blocking the heating units;
  • Alarms on alarm clocks have been turned off;
  • All holiday decorations are removed and properly stored or discarded;
  • All trash has been removed;
  • All valuables have been taken home;
  • All refrigerators are unplugged and cleaned out;
  • Bicycles are stored in residence hall rooms or a bike room, secured with a U-lock;
  • On departure, room and suite/apartment doors are locked and lights are turned off.

Students in double rooms who do not have roommates must be prepared for a new roommate (one side of the room should be cleaned and ready for occupancy).

In buildings that will be closed during winter break, the building’s temperature will be reduced to approximately 55 degrees in order to conserve energy, so take fish and other pets home.