Review billing and financial aid for spring semester

Spring semester bills will be available this week. Read on to learn what the bill entails, how to access it, how to set up authorized users and how it reflects financial aid packages.


Updated tuition account invoices are now available for viewing in SIS. Invoices will include spring semester 2014 tuition and fees, along with any unpaid balances from prior semesters.

Invoice may include charges for tuition, fees, housing and the meal plan. Books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and off-campus housing and meals will not appear on the statement.

A student medical plan fee of $808 will appear if this charge has not been waived. Waivers may be submitted via SIS through Friday, Jan. 24. If students waive the health plan fee via SIS, they will need to provide information regarding their alternate coverage. Every student must have health insurance in effect throughout the semester whether through Case Western Reserve University’s plan, a parent’s family plan, an employer or other sponsor.

Students and any other authorized users on their tuition account will receive email notification when invoices are ready for viewing. No paper invoices will be mailed. Students can authorize parents or other individuals to receive the email notice and give them access to your tuition account to view account activity and make payments. Learn how to authorize users.

Spring semester 2014 tuition and fees are due Jan. 24, 2014. Any portion of the spring semester tuition and fees not paid by Jan. 24 will accrue late charges of 1.5 percent per month.

Contact the Office of Student Financial Services/Bursar at 216.368.2226 or with billing questions.

Financial Aid

Invoices will include any pending financial aid credits for the spring semester that will disburse at the start of the semester.

Federal Work-Study earnings, proceeds from outside scholarships for which the funds have not been sent to Case Western Reserve and external credit-based loans for which an approved application has not been received will not appear as pending aid.

As in the fall semester, half of any Federal Direct Loans will disburse minus the 1.051 percent origination fee. The origination fee on the second installment of Parent PLUS Loans will be 4.204 percent.

Families who borrowed Federal PLUS or a private loan for the fall semester only should submit the application for the spring semester by Thursday, Dec. 19, to ensure adequate processing time for disbursement by the Jan. 24 payment due date.

Contact the Office of University Financial Aid at 216.368.4530 or with questions about financial assistance.