Residential colleges at CWRU were created in … (Plus: What college are/were you in?)

Case Western Reserve University’s residential colleges—Cedar, Juniper, Magnolia and Mistletoe—are communities designed to help first-year students transition into college life, build academic and interpersonal foundations and make connections with others around campus. But just when did they get their start? In 2003, as just a few people guessed.

Each residential college is identified by a crest and theme:

  • Cedar: Growth Through the Arts
  • Juniper: Knowledge Through Multiculturalism
  • Magnolia: Engagement Through Sustainability
  • Mistletoe: Leadership Through Service

Within their residential colleges, students get involved in events such as homecoming, and they can also run for leadership positions such as the college council. (For more information on residential colleges, visit

Incoming first-year students: What college are you in? All other students (and alumni): What residential college were you a part of, and what advice do you have for the Class of 2016? Tell us in the comments.