Woman's hand turning off the light
Woman's hand on a light switch showing that she is turning off the power and electricity to conserve energy

Reduce your energy consumption to help your residence hall or Greek house win the Residential Hall Energy and Sustainability Competition

November is here and it’s time yet again for CWRU unplugged. During the annual Residential Hall Energy and Sustainability Competition, residence halls and Greek houses compete to see which can reduce their building’s energy consumption the most from Nov. 1 to Nov. 15.

The residence hall or Greek house with the highest combined points wins; points can be garnered by tallying the:

  • Greatest energy reduction;
  • Greatest number of pledge signers; and
  • Greatest number of event attendees over the two weeks.

All residence halls and Greek houses can participate in the energy reduction event. Any student on or off campus can make the pledge, attend events and be entered to win a raffle prize and help their residence hall earn points. Try to beat last year’s winner, Kusch House, which reduced their energy usage by 23%.

How can you participate?

  1. Get your friends and suitemates to reduce your building’s electricity use by turning off the lights, taking the stairs, unplugging devices or air drying clothes.
  2. Sign the 2021 Sustainability Pledge.
  3. Attend the events below to earn more points for your hall/house:
    • Fall Fest (Nov. 7 from 3 to 6 p.m.)
    • Big Green Event (Nov. 10)

Additionally, another event is in the works.

How do I know who’s in the lead?

Check the Office of Energy & Sustainability’s website to keep track of who is in the lead. 

Standings will be announced Nov. 8 and the winner of the contest will be announced on Nov. 15.

There will be awards for both individual and building winners, so make sure to start turning off your lights and washing your clothes in cold water.