Photo of the open-area in the interior of the new Health Education Campus with students sitting at tables and chairs
Photo credit: Roger Mastroianni

Presidential debate updates available

With the presidential candidates set to appear in Samson Pavilion in 12 days, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) will start the process of transforming the atrium this weekend.

In collaboration with Cleveland-area vendors and with Cleveland Clinic assistance, the Commission will begin bringing in plywood and other supplies Saturday, with work continuing throughout next week—starting from as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 11 p.m. 

To help ensure the safety of everyone inside the main building of the Health Education Campus, the atrium area known as the Cosgrove Courtyard will be closed to students, faculty and staff starting Monday, Sept. 21. As shown in the diagram, CPD staff and their vendors will enter Samson from the building’s east-facing side, and restrict their movement almost entirely to the atrium area.

Diagram showing the first floor of the Samson Pavilion, showing where workers will be preparing for the debates, arrows designating the flow of traffic and spaces that will remain for classes
Samson Pavilion first floor

Faculty, staff and students, meanwhile, will enter the Samson Pavilion from the west-facing door, and avoid the atrium by walking in the areas designated with blue arrows on the diagram. In addition, only one of the four open “monument” stairs in the atrium may be used (the one in the southwest corner, noted with a blue arrow); elevators and stairwells around the perimeter are available, with the exception of the one marked with an “X” on the northwest side of the building.

Starting Saturday, Sept. 26, Samson Pavilion will be closed for academic use to allow completion of stage construction and other preparations required for the debate. It is scheduled to reopen for academic use on Oct. 1. 

Case Western Reserve and Cleveland Clinic deeply appreciate your patience and understanding as a process that typically spans a year has been condensed into two months. We will continue to update you throughout the coming days as additional details are finalized.