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PRCHN researchers give several presentations over last few months

Several researchers at the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods (PRCHN) recently gave presentations on their work.

Sarah Drewes-Jones and Elaine Borawski

Sarah Drewes-Jones, IMPACT core manager, and Elaine Borawski, PRCHN director and principal investigator, presented “Environmental Influence on Diet and Diet Quality of Overweight and Obese Urban Youth” at ObesityWeek in Washington, D.C. Oct. 31.

Darcy Freedman

Darcy Freedman, associate director of PRCHN, gave a talk titled “Technology Dissemination to Support Healthy Food Incentive Implementation and Evaluation” at the PRC Research Centers Awardee Meeting in Atlanta Nov. 8.

The PRC Research Centers Awardee Meeting allows all 26 Prevention Research Centers in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention national network to share research and methods. This year’s theme was “Translating research into practice.”

Freedman attended the meeting with Erika Trapl, associate director of PRCHN; Suzanne Johnson, deputy director of PRCHN; and Najah Muhammad, Network of Community Advisors chair.

Darcy Freedman and Rachael Sommer

Freedman and Rachael Sommer, FreshLink profram manager, presented on the FreshLink Ambassador Program at the Engage for Equity Workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sept. 18.

Freedman and Sommer attended the Engage for Equity Workshop with Lena Grafton, Network of Community Advisors chair.

The purpose of this workshop was to review our PRCHN’s FreshLink project design and implementation through the lens of community-based participatory research.

They worked as a team with a facilitator to compare the core domains and measures of the model to the structure of the FreshLink project and identify areas of improvement and enhancement to improve their methods.

They also had an opportunity to think about how components of the model could be incorporated into the fabric of the Network of Community Advisors at the PRCHN.

The FreshLink team has already begun to incorporate some of the identified changes into their project moving forward, including participation of former FreshLink ambassadors on their partners and advisors team, and restructuring the representation and structure of that team. They plan to continue to improve their work and apply the principles of community-based participatory research.

Sarah Drewes-Jones

Drewes-Jones presented “The Environmental Influence on Diet of Overweight and Obese Urban Youth” Nov. 27 as part of the Population & Quantitative Health Sciences Departmental Seminar series at the School of Medicine.

Stephanie Pike Moore

Stephanie Pike Moore, PRCHN research associate, presented “Examining dynamism within food retail choice contexts when evaluating food environment interventions” at Pathways to Prevention Workshop, Methods for Evaluating Natural Experiments in Obesity at the National Institutes of Health Office of Disease Prevention in Bethesda, Maryland, Dec. 5–6.