Tomlinson Marketplace with cashier station in foreground

Performance Bowls station at Tomlinson Marketplace now accepting meal swipes

If you haven’t tried the Performance Bowls station in the remodeled Tomlinson Marketplace, now is the time. Beginning today (Nov. 18), students can use their meal swipes at the Performance Bowl concept weekdays from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

The Performance Bowls station was developed with Bon Appétit’s on-site registered dietitian, Dayna Einheit. Here, vegetables are moved to the center of the plate—starting with fresh greens, layers of produce and a healthy portion of whole grains. The bowls are topped off with a lean or plant-based protein and reasonable portion of house-made sauce. To finish, your ingredients can be heated on a skillet and served hot.

Use your swipe on food that helps you to perform your best—both mentally and physically.