Photo of old books lined up on a shelf

New Books@Work session starting soon

Books@Work, a 12-week offering from the CWRU Wellness Program, brings professor-led discussions to the campus community. This popular program has been offered for four years with strong positive feedback. In fact, 100% of those respondents who participated in 2019 said they would join Books@Work again. Faculty and staff can learn more about Books@Work and watch a video from participants on the Community Well-being page of the Wellness Website.

During this time when we are all feeling disconnected from others, Books@Work offers a valuable space to come together and build community. The Wellness Program encourages work groups to join this session together, giving them another point of contact during the work week. Individuals are also welcome to join without a team.  

For more information and to sign up a team, or as an individual, contact Mary Ann Dobbins.