Medicine’s Ryan Farrell and Rose Gubitosi-Klug featured in Capsules

An article by Case Western Reserve University’s Ryan Farrell, associate professor of pediatrics, and Rose Gubitosi-Klug, professor of pediatrics, was published in the July edition of Capsules, a publication from the Ohio Cardiovascular and Diabetes Health Collaborative (Cardi-OH).

The article, titled “Diagnosing Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young,” discussed this rare, inherited form of diabetes, which is frequently misdiagnosed. The article includes a diagnostic algorithm for identifying key features of type 1 diabetes (autoantibodies) and type 2 diabetes (obesity, insulin resistance) before testing for MODY.

Contributing authors include Craig Nunemaker of Ohio University.

Case Western Reserve University is the lead institution for Cardi-OH, a statewide initiative of healthcare professionals at Ohio’s seven medical schools who share knowledge to improve Medicaid patient outcomes and eliminate health disparities across Ohio.