Make better money decisions with help from online financial literacy courses

We’ve all made poor spending choices, even when we sometimes know better; it’s what makes us human. How do external and internal factors impact your financial choices? How do your life experiences and the way your brain is hardwired affect your money decisions? These are important questions to consider when reflecting on your own personal relationship with money.

Take online financial literacy courses offered by Office of Financial Aid and First Year Experience and Family Programs to answer those questions.

Financial Avenue offers a variety of online courses to help you gain important knowledge to become financially capable. From understanding budgets and student loans to managing credit and retirement, Financial Avenue provides you with the tools to master your money and look to the future with confidence.

Throughout the Psychology of Money course, the “Knowl” will help you to explore your financial philosophy type to examine how emotions and past experiences impact your spending and saving. From empowering tips and strategies to retrain your brain for better financial decision-making, to helping you identify and define your relationship with money, this course serves as the foundation upon which healthy financial habits can be built.

Registration for the online financial education program is available at Enter the CWRU unique access code “spartan” (case sensitive) to set up your account and begin your journey on the path to financial wellness.