Professor Sharona Hoffman
Sharona Hoffman, the Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Law, co-director of the Law-Medicine Center and a professor in the department of bioethics at the university’s School of Medicine.

Law’s Sharona Hoffman discusses inaccurate characterization of a Texas memo declaring diversity, equity, and inclusion policies as illegal

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls diversity efforts ‘illegal,’ tells state agencies to stop
ABC NewsSharona Hoffman, the Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Law and co-director of the Law-Medicine Center, discussed the “inaccurate” characterization of a Texas state memo declaring diversity, equity and inclusion policies as illegal. “It’s incorrect to say that any kind of diversity, equity and inclusion activity is unlawful,” she said, noting for instance that employers can freely recruit workers at places that might attract minority candidates, such as historically Black colleges and universities.