Woman with eyes closed and hands at face, looking stressed

Did You Know: Wellness Program Inventive in Stress Management

In January, many people look to develop healthy habits. Throughout the year, the Wellness Program offers opportunities for faculty and staff to establish and build upon such habits. This month, we will highlight some of the categories offered through the Wellness Program, which gives wellness incentive participants the chance to earn up to $200 extra annually. Wellness participants are those faculty and staff who are enrolled in Benelect and who receive the $25 monthly Wellness Premium Incentive.

Though it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by stress in the workplace, the Wellness Program offers several programs to help. On-campus sessions focused on meditation, mindfulness, stress management and resilience training (S.M.A.R.T.), and relaxation and release strategies are offered throughout the year.

Alternatively, faculty and staff can learn about stress and resilience techniques through an online program offered by SelfHelpsWorks. In addition, counseling is available through the university’s employee assistance program provider, Impact Solutions.

To earn the Wellness Program Inventive in Stress Management, Wellness participants can try sessions on various topics on- or off-campus to learn better approaches to managing stress. Learn more about the options available through the Stress Management component of the Wellness Program Incentive.

Check back to the Wellness Program website and The Daily for more information about upcoming offerings.