Did You Know: Community Wellness Program Incentive

In January, many people look to develop healthy habits. Throughout the year, the Wellness Program offers opportunities for faculty and staff to establish and build upon such habits. This month, we will highlight some of the categories offered through the Wellness Program, which gives wellness incentive participants the chance to earn up to $200 extra annually. Wellness participants are those faculty and staff who are enrolled in Benelect and who receive the $25 monthly Wellness Premium Incentive.

Whether it’s finding common ground over literature, engaging in critical conversations or coming together to help others, faculty and staff can help build a stronger community through Wellness Program offerings.

Through the Community component of the Wellness Program Incentive, faculty and staff are encouraged to come together in various ways.

One way to earn the incentive is to participate in Books@Work, a 12-week program in which groups of employees meet weekly to talk about three books during faculty-led discussions.

Another option for earning the Community Wellness Incentive is to join Crafters@Case, a group of faculty, staff and students that meets weekly across campus to create items for donation, such as hats and scarves.

Wellness participants also can engage in discussions about issues related to campus, local or national issues through Sustained Dialogue.

Later this year, Lifestyle Bootcamp from University Hospitals’ Connor Integrative Health Network will be offered.

Learn more about offerings in the Community component of the Wellness Program.