Close-up on hand of woman in yoga meditation pose

Did You Know: Relaxation resources

As the new year begins, we’re focusing on a goal that many emphasize this time of year: wellness. Throughout the month, we’ll highlight some of the wellness-related resources available to faculty, staff and students—covering both mental and physical well-being.

Faculty, staff and students are likely all familiar with the stress that can come with work and studies. For that reason, the university offers resources for campus community members to relax and take a break.

Individuals can call the Relax Line at 216.368.3999 for five different meditations that can help them refocus, refresh, rejuvenate, renew and restore. The meditations vary in length from one to 15 minutes. Get the best results by using an on-campus phone.

Learn more about the Relax Line.

Additionally, the campus community can access guided relaxation exercises recorded by staff at University Health and Counseling Services. These exercises have numerous focuses, from public speaking to loneliness. The exercises last anywhere from six to 16 minutes.

Listen to the exercises.

Get more information about wellness at Case Western Reserve University at