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Did You Know: Nutrition or Weight Management and Physical Fitness Wellness Program Incentive categories

In January, many people look to develop healthy habits. And throughout the year, the Wellness Program offers opportunities for faculty and staff to establish and build upon such habits. This month, we’ll highlight some of the categories offered through the Wellness Program Incentive, which gives wellness participants the chance to earn up to $200 extra. Wellness participants are those faculty and staff who are enrolled in Benelect and who receive the $25 monthly Wellness Premium Incentive.

The Nutrition or Weight Management and Physical Fitness categories of the Wellness Program Incentive help faculty and staff make healthier lifestyle choices, whether they’re looking to get moving, fill their plate with more nutrients or reach their ideal weight.

Through the Nutrition or Weight Management category, faculty and staff can participate in various series offered through the year. Classes cover topics like weight management in the winter and functional nutrition. Individuals also can participate in Weight Watchers meetings.

By completing one of these options, Wellness participants can be eligible for the Wellness Incentive.

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Wellness participants also can choose to complete a program in the physical fitness category.

Those looking to earn the Wellness Incentive in this category engage in planned exercise options for a minimum of 12 weeks, three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes per workout.

To help get members of the community started, the Wellness Program offers classes on yoga, core workouts, exercises for the workstation and more.

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Individuals also may opt to participate in the Fitness Foundations program offered through One to One Fitness Center several times a year.

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While many upcoming classes are already at capacity, there will be many other chances to participate throughout the year. Check back to the Wellness Program website and The Daily for more information about upcoming offerings.