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Did You Know: Employee wellness resources

As the new year begins, we’re focusing on a goal that many emphasize this time of year: wellness. Throughout the month, we’ll highlight some of the wellness-related resources available to faculty, staff and students—covering both mental and physical well-being.

Faculty and staff have a wealth of resources available to them to maintain all aspects of their health.

Each year, employees can participate in the Wellness Program, which comes with a financial incentive. A variety of opportunities also exist throughout the year to boost one’s health, with programs focusing on six different wellness areas: community, financial well-being, nutrition and weight management, physical activity, stress management and tobacco cessation.

Additionally, through Human Resources, faculty and staff can access the Employee Assistance Service. The program provides benefits-eligible employees and family members with counseling and community resources. Concerns addressed include depression, anxiety, marital matters, work-related stress and more.

Learn more about wellness resources for faculty and staff.