Join One to One Fitness Center with April for the “fuel up” membership special

According to the American Psychological Association, 63% of Americans experienced undesired weight changes and 67% reported unwanted changes in sleep during the pandemic.

Exercising at a gym provides routine, accountability, motivation, variety and support. To be your healthiest, regular exercise and proper nutrition are important. Those who join One to One Fitness Center in April will receive five free shakes from the Recovery Zone and a free water bottle. 

Recovery Zone offers meal replacement, low carb and low glycemic options in addition to vegan shakes and snacks.

Recovery Zone is on Grubhub and Case Cash is accepted.

CWRU students can join for the rest of the semester for just $29 per month.

Learn more about One to One Fitness Center specials. Sign up online or at the front desk. Contact or call 216.368.1121 with questions.