Join a faculty team to design and implement an interprofessional class

Are you interested in working on an interprofessional faculty team to design and implement an interprofessional class? This upcoming fall semester, approximately 600 entry-level students will be participating in Collaborative Practice I, an interprofessional service-learning course. We would like teams of faculty to work together to design one of the team-based learning (TBL) classes for this course.

To help your interprofessional team design the TBL class, we will be starting an Interprofessional Educators’ Seminar series in the next few weeks. This series of seminars will include:

  • Approximately six topical seminars in the series from late April through September.
  • Each seminar will be offered in multiple “sessions.” Each session will be scheduled on different days and times to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. You will only need to attend one session for each seminar. 
  • During each one-hour Zoom session your team and you will be guided through the creation of your interprofessional TBL class while also learning valuable interprofessional teamwork skills.
  • Your team will work asynchronously between the sessions to create your TBL class. Since you will be working in a team, this should only require about an hour of your time each month.
  • Continuing education credit will be provided for the Zoom sessions.
  • Additionally, some professions will provide continuing education credit for completing the assigned preparation work prior to each seminar session.
  • A certificate of training in interprofessional education will be provided to those individuals who attend each of the seminars in the series.

If you would like to teach in this class, please complete this very brief survey by Friday, April 24, as we coordinate the Interprofessional Educators’ Seminar series.