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International graduate students: Build conversation skills with free Educational Services for Students seminar

Educational Services for Students (ESS) will offer a free seminar called “Spoken English for Communication: Building Authentic Conversation Skills,” for international graduate students this May.

In this six-week seminar, students will learn the elements of basic interpersonal communicative skills through interactive discussions. In each class, students will have the opportunity to learn and practice context-embedded language in order to feel more at ease in daily interpersonal exchanges. The seminar will allow for small and large group discussion.

Students will explore spoken English skills by learning gestures, words and phrases, intonation and context for specific situations they may encounter in American culture.

The seminar will begin May 13, with classes meeting Fridays from 2 to 3 p.m.

Those who would like to participate in the seminar should register by May 11.

To register, email Sarah Dellinger, assistant director of Spoken English Language Programs, at or call 216.368.3059 with questions.